May 2, 2011: Luciana Turns One Week Old

Today is Luciana’s one week “birthday.”  She is doing well as is Dominica at this point.

My day started off busy and just escalated from there.  I was on the phone early on and doing one project after another all day.  It wasn’t long before we had to load the girls up in to the car and drive down to Irving for Dominica’s first checkup post baby.  This will be the first outing for Luciana other than going to her won pediatrician.

The checkup went well but took forever.  Liesl is always happy to go to the doctor’s office and play with the foam blocks and wooden puzzles. She just loves “other people’s toys.”  This time there were several small children (all older than Liesl) there and they were very rambunctious.  They were throwing the foam blocks, screaming, hiding under furniture and even throwing a foam ottoman at each other.  It was crazy.  No one was watching them at all.

Liesl thought that all of this was great fun but she was very good and just stood in the middle of the mayhem laughing and laughing but did not scream or throw things herself, which I would have had to have stopped.    Luciana slept through the whole thing – the benefit of being Liesl’s little sister.

After the doctor’s appointment we had a little time to kill before an appointment at Coldwell where we are signing yet more paperwork about the house next door to ours – we are putting in yet another lower offer than our last one.  Since we had a little bit of time to kill we stopped in to Medifast in Las Colinas and got some information about how the plan works.  Dominica has been wanting me to try it for several weeks now as her aunt and uncle have been doing it for a while and have been very happy with it and have been having great success.  Since we are so busy now with Luciana and there is no time for cooking or food prep of any kind, it seemed like the perfect time to move to a packaged food plan.

We got the information and pricing but that was all of the time that we had.  Then it was over to the real estate office to sign the paperwork.  Once that was done we decided that we had a little more time so we returned to Medifast and I had my first session.  That took some time, I did an initial weight in, got my materials, got my initial training and picked up my first week’s worth of food – which really was just shakes and food bars.  I don’t get any of the real food until next week.  This is the super healthy stuff to help jump start the process.

The plan is pretty simple.  I eat five of the Medifast packaged meals per day, spreading them out and attempting to eat every two to three hours.  Then once per day I also eat a “lean and green” meal that is very lean, low carb, low sodium and has three servings of veggies.  So a large salad with six ounces of grilled fish is a good example.  Not too hard to do.  Good thing that I love fish or this would be really hard.  There are other options but without fish it would be that much harder.

Since it is already afternoon, I am going to be starting the plan in the morning.  So tomorrow is my first day on the diet. The main diet portion is to last for twenty seven weeks.  A long, long twenty seven weeks.  I suppose that that should encourage me to begin exercising a lot in the hopes of losing the weight more quickly so that it would be over sooner.

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