May 3, 2011: Beginning Medifast

Today I am starting my first day on Medifast.  I am still working from home which makes it a lot easier to get used to the new routine.  I’ll be working from home for the next three days and then transitioning back in to being in the office at the end of the week.

My morning started off with a Medifast caramel bar.  Not very exciting.  It is going to be a long twenty seven weeks of eating this stuff.  And that is just the beginning.  The full program lasts for a year and a half!  This diet is a very, very large commitment.  This is really going to change our lifestyles.  Dominica is hoping to try out the diet once she is cleared to do so.

I had my shakes and my other bar throughout the day.  They aren’t the best shakes but they are very healthy and filling.  We didn’t have any food in the house to use for my lean and green meal today or in the future.  That is going to be a challenge.

So after work was done, we loaded up the girls and went to Kroger to do some shopping.  That turned into quite the excursion.  It took several hours to get the shopping done and it was nine thirty before we even got back home!  That was very late considering that I needed to cook and deal with food yet after that point.

I had a snack of two dill pickle spears, one of the few snacks that I am allowed to have, this is going to be rough.  Then, around ten thirty, I was finally able to eat my lean and green meal which was steamed tilapia on an arugula salad that I made for myself with just a little raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  It was pretty tasty, especially after a full day of not having any real food.

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