May 5, 2011: The Kimberlins Visit

Today is my third day on Medifast and my first day going back in to the office since Luciana was born.  I am not going in this morning, just this afternoon.  This morning we took Luciana to her checkup at the pediatrician.  That went very well.  She is making excellent progress both in her food consumption and in her jaundice.

After “lunch” was over I drove down to Las Colinas to go to the office.  Dominica is feeling pretty good and while she cannot drive for at least a week yet she did feel that she would be alright staying home with Liesl and Luciana for a few hours.  So I went in around two and worked until five thirty or six.

I got home about an hour before the Kimberlins arrived to come visit.  They had actually come to see us at the hospital but I was at home taking care of Liesl when they visited so they only got to see Dominica and Luciana.  They are the only non-family who got to see Luciana in the hospital.

We had a good time hanging out this evening.  We haven’t really seen the Kimberlins since shortly after having moved to Texas.  We live much closer to them than we did when we lived down in Irving.  This was their first time seeing our new house as well.

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