June 1, 2011: Big Meeting at the House

Medifast Status: Day 30, Down 21.5lbs

My first month of Medifast is over and I am felling quite well.  Twenty one and a half pounds is not too shabby at all.  It’s not all that visible and I don’t feel all that different but knowing that I am down that much feels pretty good.  I am losing fast enough that it is providing motivation to stick with it.

I got stuck at work today and was not able to come home for lunch to help Dominica clean like I was supposed to have done.  I got in a bit of trouble for that.  It was a really busy day at the office and I was just unable to get away.

This evening after work Nicki and I drove up to the house and I set to hooking up a laptop to the television as quickly as possible.  I did what little cleaning and setup that I could but it was a rush to get anything done.

We got the laptop hooked up in the living room so that we could use the television for viewing a WebEx demonstration which worked out really well.  The real challenge was not in getting the image to the television (that’s just a VGA cable) but in getting sound which I had not thought about until the last second.  Oops. But I brought in my powered speakers and hooked them up and it was fine.

Maggie came over a little later.  Watson was going to come over, but it was too long of a drive for him to make it all of the way to Carrollton after being at the office all day.  So he watched from home.  I watched from my office.

We had soda and pizza at the house.  This is definitely the way to watch technical training.  A couch, big screen television, pizza… once again an opportunity for pizza that I cannot take advantage of because I am on Medifast.  I am feeling like I am cursed as to the timing of this.

The WebEx was about two hours long and a little exhausting and then I had the phone ringing constantly as soon as it was done.  It was a big rush to get out the door and drive Nicki home.

It was a long and late night for me.  And then we got to clean up after it was all done.  But it went well and we had a good time.

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