May 31, 2011: Back to Golf

Medifast Status: Day 29, Down 21.5lbs

Back to the office today.  It is Tuesday, so that means another four day week.  Two four day work weeks in a row.  Rockin’!

It is a hot one today.  Very, very hot.  After work I hit the Grapevine Municipal Golf Course for my golf lesson that I’ve been doing for several weeks.  Boy was it ever not.  The sweat was just pouring off of me the entire time making it very hard to play at all.  My instructor said that I was showing real improvement at least.  I am enjoying the lessons and can tell that I am swinging far better than I was before the lessons.  I hope to be able to do this again next year when I plan to take lessons with Dominica so that we can start playing golf as a family.  Dominica and I used to love playing golf together back in Ithaca before she hurt her back.

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