June 7, 2011: Dinner at La Cima

Medifast Status: Day 36, Down ~25lbs

Slight progress on my diet today.  Just a tiny bit but as long as it is visible it keeps me going.

Worked at the office today and came home to spend time with the girls at lunch.  Boy am I glad that I am able to do that.  I get a lot of quality time with the girls because I am home when they are very much awake and Liesl, at least, tends to nap while I am in the office in the afternoon so we continue to get maximum time together.  I feel bad that I was home full time when Liesl was born and am not able to be with Luciana.  So I am working as hard as I can to get quality time with her through improved coordination.

This evening we decided to do La Cima for dinner.  It turns out that this is our last chance to eat from the old menu that we have gotten so used to over the past year.  Time now to say goodbye to our culinarily familiar friends and look forward to soon to be new items on the new menu that arrives shortly.

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