June 8, 2011: Dominica’s Checkup

Medifast Status: Day 37, Down ~25lbs

I’ve discovered that RaceTrac has $.49 refills on their 52oz fountain drinks.  This is awesome.  So I am making an effort to stop in every day to take advantage of practically free drinks.  This is way cheap than a little Keurig coffee from home.  And it is cold which is important as my drive is in a car without air conditioning and it is insanely hot in there.

At lunch today I had to go down to Irving to meet up with Dominica, Liesl and Luciana so that Dominica could go to her checkup with her doctor.  The checkup went really quickly and we ended up being able to go to lunch together after the appointment.  Everything is good and she is healing well after having Luciana.

We went to Rockfish for lunch.  Dominica has been loving eating there now that she is not pregnant and can eat fish again.  They had Copper River salmon today which is a special treat at Rockfish so I got that.

After lunch I spent the afternoon working from home.

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