May 22, 2011: Fablous Day

Medifast Status: Day 20, Down ~16 lbs

After getting the XBOX 360 hooked up and working last night today turned into a pretty much all Fable day.  It was really nice that we were able to spend the day relaxing and playing it.  Dominica has been enjoying getting to watch it rather than watching television.

Fable is great as a television replacement because it is so story driven.  We’ve been really liking the change of pace this weekend.  It has been so long since we were able to do something interactive as a family.

This afternoon we went to Norma’s, the new diner that we discovered recently, for a late lunch as a family.  It is one of the few restaurants where I have found something that I can eat.  There isn’t much that I can eat and I am sure that it is not as healthy as it could be but at least it is another food option which is important at this point as the Medifast really leaves me wishing for more food variety.  Dominica loves eating at Norma’s, it is definitely her type of place.  My biggest problem there is that the restaurant is so busy and loud that we really don’t get to spend time as a family.  We can see each other but we might as well be eating in front of the television for how little we get to communicate.

This evening turned into a work disaster and I ended up spending the entire evening and on into the night on a major conference call dealing with datacenter issues.  That was no fun at all and really cut into the family time.

I ended up working for so long that I will be taking tomorrow off and will be home all day.  I’ll still be working but only for escalation support so it will be a nice day with the family.

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