May 23, 2011: Taking a Comp Family Day

Medifast Status: Day 21, Down ~17 lbs

After the crazy amount of work that got done last night I took today as a pseudo-comp day and spent the day at home with the family.  I still had to work rather a bit but we got a good amount of time to spend together as well.  It was very nice to basically get a surprise three day weekend.  That doesn’t happen very often.

I got to sleep in some, casually deal with stuff at work and managed to play a lot of Fable I today.  I have pretty much wrapped up everything in the original Fable game now – that is the quests and stuff that existed only prior to The Lost Chapters being released.  Unlike a lot of more modern games where downloadable content is mixed into the game making it bigger right from the beginning, The Lost Chapters is mostly a multi-hour tack on at the end of Fable.  So once you complete Fable itself, then you go on to play The Lost Chapters like an extension, rather than an expansion, of the original game.

Liesl was especially happy that I was home all day today.  We got a lot of time together.

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