May 27, 2011: Two and a Half Years on Fable

Medifast Status: Day 25, Down ~21lbs (one and one half stone)

Another quiet day.  I managed to go in to La Cima for lunch today which was my only notable event today.

After work we hung out and played some Fable: The Lost Chapters with the family before turning in for the night.  Dominica and I are looking forward to seeing the very end of the game.  Fable has been my main game on the XBOX for a very, very long time.  It’s been over a year.  In fact, it has been over two years.  Over two and a half years!  That’s just crazy.

No wonder I feel like that game had dragged on forever.  We started playing Fable II when we first got the XBOX 360, just weeks before Liesl was born.  Fable II was such a hit that we were done with it in no time.  It wasn’t a long game and in the weeks after Liesl was born we had a lot of time at home while she was so young so it got played a lot.  Back then I went straight from Fable II into Fable I but very quickly the free time dried up and I never managed to get close to finishing it even though it was decently short.

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