May 28, 2011: Very Early Day

Medifast Status: Day 26, Down ~21lbs

I had a super early meeting this morning for several hours started at five o’clock.  A very long morning indeed.  I had several hours of work in before Dominica even woke up.

This evening we went to La Cima for dinner, my third meal there this week.  We ate in the lounge which works out great with Liesl and Luciana.  Watson joined us for dinner.  This is one of our last chances to hit the club before the menu changes to coincide with the new construction and the twenty-fiften anniversary events.  So, even though we are a bit tired of the old menu, we are taking advantage of some of our favourite dishes before they are no longer officially on the menu.

Items that we will miss most are the southwest salmon, the creme brulee, bbq shrimp and grits, salmon tartar, crab cakes, goat cheese salad, salmon in beet jus and the flat bread appetizer.  A lot of people are really going to miss the chocolate cake too, but I never get that so it is okay for me.  The key lime tart, my personal favourite dessert, will be continuing so that is all that I really need as I can get creme brulee pretty much anywhere.  Dominica is really going to miss the bread pudding, though.  It has been extra tough for me since it has been a month since I was last allowed to have most of the stuff that I like the most and it will continue to be a very long time until I can really enjoy the menu.  The new menu will be more summer-oriented with lighter fare as well which will be easier for me to leverage on my diet.

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