July 13, 2011: Second Day in Rochester

Medifast Status: Day 72, Down ~38.5lbs

We are spending less time in Rochester today.  I worked from dad’s house this morning.  Danielle came up around noon and we drove up to Greece during lunch.  We stopped, in case you hadn’t guessed, for Tim Horton’s.  Every time that we stop at Timmy Ho’s I am presented with all of those donuts and baked good that I am not allowed to have.  Pure evil. I really, really want some of them too.

Everyone was already there when we arrived which was nice since we were the early ones yesterday.  Today is not nearly as hot as yesterday so we stayed at Craig’s house all day.  It was still hot but not all that bad.

We did a late dinner together – Craig, Richard, Brian, Jeff, Danielle and I – with takeout from Wegmans for Danielle and I and pizza & wings for everyone else from a place down the street from Craig’s.  As soon as we ate we were on our way back down to home.  It was probably around nine when we got back.

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