July 14, 2011: Seeing Josh and the Millens

Medifast Status: Day 73, Down ~38.5lbs

Even on a day when we have nothing scheduled things seem to turn into a crazy, topsy turvy day of activity.  I spent the morning at the house but for lunch I drove up to Rochester and met up with Josh and Craig in Bushnell’s Basin at Pizzeria Uno across the street from Eastview Mall.

Speaking of malls – Midtown Plaza, America’s first indoor mall – the mall that started the revolution – in downtown Rochester has been torn down.  This is the first time that I have been in Rochester (this week is, on Tuesday) that I have seen the demolition.  This completely changes downtown Rochester.  Such a historic building going away – it is rather sad.  When I was little my parents used to bring me there every Christmas to ride the indoor monorail around and see the animated Christmas decorations.  We used to shop at McCurdy’s department store until it was bought by Sibley’s and changed over.  Later that too went away.  These were staples of department store shopping of my childhood.  Now the entire structure is gone.

Midtown, to me, was much like Grace Brothers’ in “Are You Being Served.”  It was in the same era that they were filming that show, the late 70s and early 80s, that I used to go to Midtown and I think of it very much in those terms.  When I was older it was rather run down and had very few patrons and I only went in there to pay my electric bill or some other such service.  It had almost entirely died out in the 90s and had none of the look or feel of its glory years.  It is very sad to see it go, however.  It should probably have been kept as a museum.  Rochester sure doesn’t need any additional retail space.

Craig, Josh and I had a long lunch.  We were very productive.  Once Josh returned to work Craig and I hit the bank to take care of some paperwork and then I returned to dad’s.

This evening, once work was over, Dominica and I and the girls packed up and drove out to Livonia to visit with the Millens.  On our way over we stopped at Wegmans and Dominica picked up some food for tonight.  The Millens are getting pizza too.  I already ate my meal for the day so Medifast meals for me now.

We had a really nice time and Liesl had tons of fun playing with the younger kids.  Liesl is just so social.  Luciana was a big hit as well.

We stayed until very late.  We always keep the Millens up late.

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