July 18, 2011: Back to Life in Texas

Medifast Status: Day 77, Down ~37.5lbs

We had only just arrived in Texas around three this morning.  No one was looking forward to getting up today.  The Grices decided that they would stay in Carrollton with us all day today and return to Houston tomorrow so that they could relax for a bit.

I weighed in this morning and to my horror, but not totally a surprise, the scales here in Texas are ten pounds heavier than they were in New York.  I had guessed at this as I suddenly lost ten pounds upon arriving at dads.  So pretty much my diet has been stalled for weeks with me losing around around half a pound a week while thinking that I was doing my best ever.  So that is pretty depressing.  Now I really, really need to get back on the wagon and work hard to keep the weight loss going.  No more fooling around thinking that it is going well.  I have to be very strict again.

For lunch today Dan and I went to La Cima.  Now I get to see how the construction has been going since I have been in New York for nearly a month.  Surprisingly it did not seem like all that much work had been done since I initially left.  There are changes, definitely, but I was thinking that it would be nearly done.  Maybe it is and I just can’t tell being an IT guy and not a contractor.  The private room changes are done but the “touchdown rooms” are not started yet.  The dining room hasn’t been touched.

Where our big disappointment came in was in discovering that the lounge and casual dining space no longer had the one large television – which I hated on its own, why does an upscale private club need a big television – but now had five with four of them being on the one wall facing outward of the club.  Not cool.  It is very trashy and not at all what I want from my private club experience.  We love the lounge space and had made a big deal about how we didn’t want it to be a big television and video game space like the Tower Club had done.  We were promised that there would be no video games.  But guess what, not only is there a Wii like the Tower Club but a Playstation 3 as well.

This is really not the feel that we had been hoping for in our club.  ClubCorp is definitely moving in a different direction that we had hoped.  With the renovations we had been hopeful for a classier club, but this is definitely a move downmarket.  I’m certainly feeling less inclined to keep our membership at La Cima less than at any point since we joined there.  The club is catering to a different group of customers than us.  Admittedly, the biggest group of members are the lunch crowd – they work in the building and use the club for lunch.  But I can’t see how having the televisions will make them happy either.  Only a few spots in the club can see the televisions comfortably and those spots are slated to be set up to face away from the televisions making the televisions themselves nothing but really annoying reflections making the view from the lounge less than spectacular.

This evening I came home and after the younger kids fell asleep Dominica, Francesca and Madeline went out to one of those dinner and a movie theaters to watch the final of the Harry Potter series, the eighth movie.  I had wanted to go but we just could not figure out how Madeline and I could manage to go tonight and Dominica and Francesca go after us.  So I didn’t get to see it.  I’ll just be waiting for it to come out on BluRay now.  Probably won’t be long since they will be frantic to make as much as possible from the sale of the discs now that all of the other seven are out and a lot of people are likely waiting on the eight disc set before purchasing.

So Emily and I stayed at the house and watched the remake of The Parent Trap.  What a great movie that is.  So sad that the star than it made completely fell apart a few years later.  It really is one of the truly great Disney classics.  I first saw the remake of The Parent Trap with Nathan at the Silver Lake Drive In in the summer of 1998 back in Perry when I was still living out in that area.

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