July 19, 2011: The Grices Return to Houston

Medifast Status: Day 78, Down ~37.5lbs

We got up this morning early and unloaded our stuff from the U-Haul trailer and then loaded the trailer back up again.  It is crazy hot here so that was no fun.  Francesca pulled the truck and trailer around the back of the house in the alley and we moved everything through the garage from there.

Boy is our garage full of junk.  I can’t wait until we figure out how to deal with all of that stuff.  We need work done on the attic so that we can move most of this stuff up there.  A lot of it is just empty boxes, empty luggage, plastic bins, bins of wires or yarn and the like.  Nearly all stuff that would happily live up in the attic.  Some shelving on the far side of the garage and maybe a small shelf on the house side would take care of nearly everything else.  Much of the issue is just a horrible use of space and continuing sprawl caused by the lack of necessary space to move around in.  Like the fact that there is a large spool of insulation sitting in the middle of the floor – that could serve us far better in the attic than in the middle of the garage floor.

I got in to work and worked through lunch today.  The Grices left shortly after we had unloaded the trailer.

This evening I can home and Dominica and I discussed our La Cima membership.  For once she is less inclined to give it up than I am.  I am really disgusted by the changes that they have been making and don’t like where they are taking the club.  She decided that she should go in and get a look at it herself so we made reservations and went in for dinner.  We were the only people with reservations tonight and we pretty much had the club to ourselves.  Tuesday is the slowest night of the week.

We dined in the Lakeside room tonight.  We were the first to dinner and only after quite some time did one couple come and join us sitting at the farthest point of the room behind a support so we never even saw each other.  They left before we did too so we were alone for the end of our meal as well.

Our chef, Chris, knew that we were coming tonight and put together a dinner special just for us.  We had grilled red snapper on sauteed vegetables with a butter and oil sauce. It was excellent.  We got to see the construction work on the new bar that was just put together today.  It will be about two weeks before that is done but you can see what they are doing with it now.

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