July 22, 2011: La Cima for the Fourth Time

Medifast Status: Day 81, Down ~40.5lbs

It is apparently a La Cima themed week for us.  Dominica saw today’s menu and decided that she was coming down with the girls to join me for lunch again.  They have just had a really good menu this week and we’ve been completely unable to resist using the club again.

This afternoon we got a panicked communique from our renters back in Peekskill, New York.  Apparently there are several issues going on at the house including a broken door, wasps, a water stain, a running toilet and some exterior painting issues.  These things just never end, it would seem.

So we spent a bit of the day just attempting to coordinate work up in Peekskill.  That was stressful and not fun at all.

I worked late this evening and then went home for a short night with the family.  We are going to be home all weekend just dealing with stuff around the house.  And around the other house, apparently, too.

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