July 23, 2011: More House Woes

Medifast Status: Day 82, Down ~40.5lbs

This morning I walked outside to do something and looked down and noticed that the sidewalk coming up to our front door had cracked.  I knew that this crack was not there before and I knew exactly what this meant.  This is the shift that I have known was coming since we first looked at the house but no one had believed me that it was going to be a problem.  I looked up and, to my horror, I was right.  Three of the four brick pillars supporting the roof over our walkway and begun to significantly sink into the yard and were leaning away from the house even more than previously and the mortar had given way, bricks were loose many feet above our heads and the roof had broken away and was buckling from the lack of support from the pillars.

So this is not going to be fun.  At all.

Today was our day to do work around the house.  It really needed it.  The house is a total mess, mostly caused by us getting in from New York and just dropping everything where we were and not getting a chance to do anything about it all week.  That and Liesl wanted her “tunnel” taken out so we have that set up in the living room again.  Boy that thing is huge.

We got a lot of the house cleaned up today and then worked on the garage too.  This morning we got the unfinished dresser out and set it up on the back patio so that Dominica could work on staining it.  It is incredibly hot outside which is good for the stain itself but it does not make it a fun job for Dominica.  She was melting out there.

It took several hours but the dresser appears to have turned out really nice.  It needs to sit outside in the heat tonight so that it will be ready to come inside tomorrow.  Liesl has never had any real furniture of her own other than her bed (which is going to become Luciana’s) so this will be nice for her.

I got the Nintendo Wii all hooked up today.  It is nice to have that back.  I popped in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and played that for about an hour tonight.  I have never actually played a Zelda game before for more than maybe fifteen minutes except for Ocarina on the Wii about a year and a half ago.  I know how unbelievable that sounds, but it is true.  It has just never been my thing and I never got into it even though we own what must be nearly the definitive collection of the games and that Ocarina of Time is one of Dominica’s all time favourite games.  So I decided that I needed to give this one a real try and see how it is.  I’ve seen it listed as having more than one hundred hours of gameplay in it.

We also played just a little bit of Super Mario Galaxy.  Funny enough, this is a game that we still had in shrink wrap when the Ralstons borrowed the Wii.  So even though we have owned it for probably two years we had never played it, ever.

This evening Dominica made some popcorn and we settled in to watch the latest Harry Potter movie on BluRay.  It was late when we started, after Liesl had gone to bed, so we were pretty tired.  We only made it halfway before we were too tired and headed off to bed ourselves.

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