July 28, 2011: Phone Day

Medifast Status: Day 87, Down ~42lbs

I worked until around three in the morning before giving up last night.  Then I went to bed and was up just after eight this morning and the day started right away.  I ended up having one phone call after another all morning.

The heat streak continues.  Boy is it hot.  I am doing well, though.  I really cannot believe how well I have adjusted to Texan life and how so many Texans are complaining about the heat.  Texans who have air conditioning in their cars and whose homes have working air conditioning.  I have nothing in my car so drive in a car that is 110-120 degrees every day and the house can’t keep itself cool and so it in the low to mid eighties during the day and on into the evening.  And I feel fine, all of the time.  It really doesn’t bother me.  I’m wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts to work without a problem.

At lunch I had to come home and spend my lunch time, as you guessed, on the phone.  There was just enough time to talk on the phone for the entire time that I was home and then to run back to the office again.

After work I got home, you guessed right again, and got on to the phone.  I was on the phone until around ten or so this evening.  What a long day after yesterday being such a long day.  I’m tired.

After I was all done with my calls Dominica made dinner.  It was about ten thirty when we managed to eat.  She made a grilled shrimp on mushroom noodles dish that is in the Medifast menu guide.  This is our first time trying this recipe.  This  was my first meal in fifty-two hours!  I wasn’t really hungry either but dinner was nice.

At eleven Luciana fell asleep in my arms while I sat in the arm chair in the den.  Liesl was pretty tired at that point and Dominica took her to bed too.

I popped in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on the PS3.  I have not had a chance to even look at this game yet since I got it a few days ago and I’ve been wondering what it is like.  Dominica was interested to see it as well hoping that it would be a fun game to watch.

The game proved to be fun.  It is an action adventure game – not what I normally play but not completely outside of my realm of interest.  The graphics are good and the storyline is excellent.  The gameplay itself leaves a ton to be desired.  There is no decision making and the game is completely linear.  You are just advancing a movie with bits where you control the action and potentially die.  I don’t like it when you don’t get to influence anything.  The game is really about the cut scenes and everything that you do as a player is a bit tedious.  That makes it decently good for the people watching you play as there is a ton of story and it goes pretty deep but it can be pretty boring for the person playing as you are really just there to hit the buttons to keep the story moving along.

I played Uncharted for about an hour before calling it a night.  I say that I played for an hour but it was one in the morning when we turned in.  So maybe it was a bit more than an hour.  I’ve read online that people are often playing Uncharted in just six to ten hours so I might be pretty significantly through the game already.  The cut scenes are incredibly detailed so they must use a lot of storage on the disc so I would not be surprised that we are advancing pretty quickly.

I found out today that Nintendo is dropping the price on the 3DS, their brand new hand held game system, from $250 to $170 – a massive price drop and very surprising given that the system is only weeks old.  We had talked about getting one a week ago and decided against it.  Boy am I glad.  I am definitely going to get one now when the price drop comes into effect on August 12th.

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