July 27, 2011: Foundation Options

Medifast Status: Day 86, Down ~40.5lbs

I had to be up this morning for a seven thirty phone call.  It was the start of an extremely busy day.

I got in to work and ended up completely working through lunch.  I actually decided that I needed to completely fast today anyway.  I have been cheating too much on my diet and with that food that I had last night I decided that I just needed to completely reset my system and get myself back on track.  So I skipped all traces of food today and cut my caffeine intake way down as well.  Amazingly I really didn’t get hungry today anyway.

I spoke to the foundation consultants today.  They looked at pictures of the pillars and said that they might be able to do something and also recommended some other options too.  So we are going to try some things on our own and look into getting prices from some foundation places for drilled piers.  Might be a pretty big project but it sounds like we won’t have to worry about topping another $2,000.  Still a lot of surprise money to be spending.

I worked until six and then came home and worked on SAN, Windows and Linux PBX issues all night.  And by all night I mean past two in the morning.  What a long day.  Exhausting.

I really didn’t get to see the girls at all today.  It really sucked.  Tomorrow is going to be tough too.  At least the weekend is coming up soon and we are not planning on going anywhere this weekend.

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