July 4, 2011: Waverly

Medifast Status: Day 63, Down ~38.5lbs

We had to be up early this morning so that we could get everyone packed and be on the road by eight thirty.  We were supposed to be moving by eight but it was all that we could do to get out when we did.  We have a lot of people to get ready and lots of kids to pack into cars.   We managed to get everyone into either the Sequoia or the Acadia, though, which was awesome.  That is a lot of people to squeeze into just two cars.  And three dogs as well.

It was a really nice day for the drive from Frankfort to Waverly which is nearly three hours and one hundred and forty miles.

It was great weather for the Doty family annual reunion in Waverly.  We had a really nice time out there but did not stay as long as we have in the past.  We arrived around eleven or eleven thirty and stayed until five thirty.  It is a long drive back and without a nap the kids, especially Liesl and Garrett, will be exhausted and unhappy.

On the way home we hit Tom Horton’s for some coffee and donuts.  Liesl loves donut holes.

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