July 5, 2011: A Walk in the Woods (Sort of)

Medifast Status: Day 64, Down ~38.5lbs

First thing this morning, probably around eight, Emily and I headed out for a morning walk to get some exercise.  We walked down Litchfield and found a hidden trail running along the Frankfort Gorge and Moyer Creek.  So we went back in the woods and walked along the trail.  Emily said that this was the first time that she had ever gone for a real walk in the woods – and it was not much of a woods with houses being visible just to the side of us.  It was a really nice walking area, though.

The walk took us a little over an hour and was roughly 2.3 miles.  Going through the woods made it much slower going than if we were on the road the entire time.  We walked back through town.  We are planning on trying another early morning walk tomorrow.

For lunch, Madeline, Emily and I went to The Bistro and ate there and brought food back for Dominica.

After lunch Francesca, Bennie and I took Madeline, Emily, Garrett and Liesl down to Moyer Creek near where it spills into the Mohawk River so that the kids could see where Francesca, as a child, used to come to use the “ol’ swimming hole.”  It was pretty hot to be down there but the water was nice and the kids had a good time playing in the brook.  That was a pretty short walk, just .6 miles in total.  Liesl did very well trying to keep up with everyone.  She thought that that was great fun.  She spent her time standing by the brook’s edge throwing small rocks into it.

After work was done and after I was done helping Dominica to look after the kids I went out for an evening stroll around the village.  I also tested out a new walk mapping app for my iPhone that makes a map of my walk, in real time, as I do it.  Very cool.  This will, in theory, make it easy for people at the house to watch me as I travel and not wonder where I am or worry that I am not moving anymore.  So I am testing that out on this walk.

My walk this evening came out to be 3.5 miles and took almost exactly an hour.  That makes my day total to be roughly 6.5 miles.  Not too bad at all.  I’m feeling it in my legs a little bit today but not as much as after the five mile walk to Ilion a few days ago.  I am doing all of this walking in my new Sketchers Tone Ups so I am getting more or a workout than normal.  I’m not sure how much more.  Probably not very much but a little.  After a long walk I can feel the difference in my leg muscles in a way that I don’t feel without the Tone Ups at least.

On my walk tonight I finally finished reading “The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd” which, to say the least, was pretty depressing.  This one has taken me forever to finish because it was both quite long and rather depressing and I have been reading it alone so I only got time to read it when not reading along with other people.  So I have finished several other books in the meantime.

I was off to bed as soon as I got home.  Emily and I are planning on a six in the morning walk tomorrow so that I can get a real walk in before it is time for work.


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