July 6, 2011: Joe’s Bachelor Party

Medifast Status: Day 65, Down ~38.5lbs

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Amazingly, perhaps even miraculously, I am officially completely caught up with SGL now!

I was up at 5:55am this morning, got dressed, stretched and got Emily up and we were out the door for our walk before six thirty.  I had the mapping software running and we did a nice, long walk up into the country and around the south side of Frankfort.  It was a really nice morning for a walk. We did a total of 5.7 miles and were home at eight thirty.

Shortly after returning from our morning walk, most of the family headed out for Gilbert Lake State Park near Oneonta, New York to spend the day with the kids at the lake while Dominica and I stayed home with Luciana.  Liesl was originally going to stay home as well but she was really excited to “go to the beach” and so they took her along with them.

Today I began reading “The Scratch of a Pen: 1763 and the Transformation of North America“.  This book chronicles the long term aftereffects of the Treaty of Paris signed in 1763 which signaled the end of the Seven Year War which is often known as the French and Indian War here in the US where it began.  Amazingly, even though this war is of immense importance to Americans very little is known of it.  I wonder if students today study it at all.  It was barely mentioned when I was in school.

Work ended up being really, really busy this afternoon.  I was hoping to be able to wrap up on the early side today so that I could sneak away for Joe’s surprise bachelor party but instead of being able to finish up just after five (which was really a pipe dream anyway) it ended up taking until after eight before I was able to sign off from the office and leave the house.  That wasn’t good.  I was crazy late.

I am the designated driver tonight since I am both late and I am not supposed to be drinking on Medifast (it hampers ketosis.)  As soon as I reached the restaurant we loaded everyone up and headed out to the pool hall to play pool, darts and foosball for the evening.

It was a pretty early night and we were home by a quarter after midnight.  We even ran into a Town of Frankfort road block out on NY 5S stopping every car as they go by.  Good thing we had a DD (or a Weekend PASS as they call them in Texas – “Person Assigned to Stay Sober.)

We got home and found the girls still up drinking from their own party.  Bennie, Joe, Francesca, Dominica and I ended up staying up until after three in the morning playing cards and drinking whiskey.  Tomorrow is going to be a rough day and I need to get started early to help deal with the issues that we were unable to deal with tonight that kept me at the office so late.

I cheated significantly on my Medifast tonight for the first time.  I had part of a slice of cold pizza and a small cupcake that Francesca had made.  We will see how much that hurts me tomorrow.  I’ve been a little light-headed, though, so a few extra calories is probably not a bad thing.

I borrowed Dominica’s mother’s car and drove out to New Hartford to meet the guys at the restaurant there.  They had been having beer and wings for hours and had been just waiting for me to get there for a while.


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