June 17, 2011: Almost Caught Up

Medifast Status: Day 46, Down ~28.5lbs

I did lunch at Rockfish again today.  Rockfish and La Cima are about the only places that we can easily eat now that I am on Medifast so we have been using them extensively.  La Cima is actually less expensive, though, so we try to use that as much as possible.

I had my Medifast checkup this afternoon.  After hearing about La Cima my trainer at Medifast is seriously thinking about joining himself.

Got home late after deployments and spent the evening hanging out with the family.  We spent the evening playing Fable III as a family.

Tonight we managed to complete Fable III.  Not only did we finish up the main game but we completed the bulk of the extended storylines as well.  Fable III went really quickly.  I feel like it was quite a bit shorter than Fable II.

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