June 18, 2011: Fable III Finally Finished

Medifast Status: Day 47, Down ~28.5lbs

I got up this morning and continued working on Fable III.  I was tired of it last night but Dominica felt that we needed to complete all of the “non-evil” storylines and quests, even those that seemed pretty trivial.  So I got to work on those this morning just for “completeness.”  It does help us to get the most value possible out of a single game but it does tend to wear it out as well.

By late morning I had everything done except for some of the “treasure hunt” parts of the game like tracking down the last of the gnomes or picking up the last of the silver and gold keys.  I have most of both but have not taken the time to do them as their own quests.  They take forever and are only mildly entertaining.  I might come back at some point and do them when I am bored and need to zone out for a bit but I am thinking that that is not very likely.  I did the silver keys on Fable II and the last key ended up being a glitch and the quest couldn’t be completed.  I did the gargoyles but Fable II lasted much longer and it made more sense.  Fable III ended so quickly that it made the treasure hunt bits not really fit well with the rest of the game.

Overall Fable III remains an awesome game but I would not say that it is as good as Fable II.  Fable III suffers from a bizarre change of gameplay that occurs partway through the storyline and suddenly turns the game from a Fable II-like action adventure game into a somewhat bizarre strategy game that has so little precedence that you are mostly lost and confused and it is over so quickly that you don’t make good decisions simply because the game doesn’t do a good job of leading you.  Then, once the game is “over” you are dropped back into the original game sans storyline and you aren’t sure what you are supposed to do.  Awkward.

This afternoon Watson called and felt like going to eat at Chili’s so he came over and we went out to eat.  At Chili’s I’m able to get a bunless avocado burger which is really tasty.   That was a nice change of pace.  I’m not sure how often I should eat that though.  It seems a little bit higher in calories than I am likely to be supposed to be eating.

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