June 19, 2011: Father’s Day

Medifast Status: Day 48, Down ~28.5lbs

Today is my first day with two little girls on Father’s Day.  I got up with Luciana at seven this morning and she and I went out to the play room to hang out together while Dominica and Liesl slept for nearly three more hours.  Luciana was fussy but just wanted to be held so she was pretty happy to have me hanging out with her for a while.  I just held her and played Fable III.

I was feeling like I was ready to be done with the game but Dominica felt that we should wrap up all of the non-evil side quests, no matter how trivial, just because.  I’m not sure of the reasoning but there is only maybe five to six hours total of additional game play to get out of the way and most of that is non-story “treasure hunt” style game play that I can do without Dominica there to help.  So that is what we did.  Luciana thought that that was pretty cool and just slept in my arms as I played.  It was a nice way to kick off our first Father’s Day together.  I did a bit of this yesterday too but today took it over the edge and I am done with Fable III for a while now.

Dominica got up around ten as did Liesl.  I had a little more Fable to play after she got up but very little.  Nearly everything was done and there was no more storyline to be had.  I put in a little more time doing a few Demon Doors and Gold Key quests and picking up a few straggling gnomes but overall, the game is done.  We are both pretty bored with it now that the main quests and the follow-on quests are done.  I’ll likely move on to the Mass Effect series now and come back to Fable III to look for the last few keys or gnomes when I’m in the mood for some treasure hunting.  In Fable II we took the time to get every last Silver Key and Gargoyle and that was a lot of fun but the game play of Fable III is different and doesn’t make this type of searching as exciting as it was in the older title.  I have nearly everything so it might be worth the effort, but it might not.

We started trying out Hulu Plus today.  There is a one week free trial of it and it is only eight dollars a month past that.  We hooked it up on the PS3 and immediately noted that the content that we had wanted to watch on the trial – HGTV and some home improvement shows – are absent from Hulu Plus on certain operating systems.  They claim that they have a license issue.  How they have a licensing issue based on the operating system of the playback device makes no sense to me.  They claim that it is that “mobile devices” are not licensed but it works fine on my laptop and not on my stationary PS3 so that claim is clearly false.  Our first impression is… not impressed.  We had more functionality with regular Hulu and PlayOn for far less money ($35 once, not $8 per month.)  So we are spending more and getting less.  Seems like a poor marketing strategy.  And it isn’t like Hulu Plus takes the commercials away, it just gives you a nicer interface and higher quality video stream.

So, lacking the shows that we wanted to watch, we watched the second season (which is very short) of Hot in Cleveland which we really like.  That didn’t last us very long so we went on to 30 Rock even though I really, really hate that Tracy Morgan is on that show.  We are very hopeful that NBC will come to their senses and fire him.  He has always been a drag on what is otherwise a brilliant show but in the light of his recent homophobic rants there is a good chance that he may never work again.  One can only hope.

For father’s day I decided that I wanted to watch a Cary Grant movie and snuggle with Liesl (since Luciana got the morning snuggles with just the two of us) and that I was going off of my diet and having popcorn.  Dominica thought that that was a good plan.

We watched Walk, Don’t Run which was Cary Grant’s last movie.  From 1964 it takes place, and was actually filmed, in Tokyo during the Olympic Games there.  It was very interesting to see how trivial the games were considered to be back then (not as trivial as I considered them but in light of today’s sports obsessions it is odd to see how little they were regarded then.)  I can’t believe that Cary Grant decided to duck out of movies in 1964.  He was still very much in his prime and could have been a massive box office draw for another ten or twenty years effortlessly.

The movie was decent but far from a classic.  Liesl climbed into my lap and watched 101 Dalmations on the iPad and snuggled with me for most of the movie.  I love when she does that.  She is so sweet.  She is loving some of the classic Disney movies now too – the same ones that her father loves.  She lives the middle-era animal ones just like I always have.  I’m not so much a fan since they went to the musical-based late-era movies (that started with The Little Mermaid in 1988) or the dark, brooding less than child friendly faery tale movies of the early era (think Snow White.)  I like the ones from Disney’s prime when they put in a few really classic songs, told a great story, didn’t scare the kids and made the whole family happy.  The greatest era of Disney films, in my opinion, opened with Lady and the Tramp and ended with Oliver and Company. It was an era that lasted thirty-three years but had some of the lightest activity from the studio as they took years to produce each movie.  But each is an outstanding classic that is not just a Disney classic but is a staple of the cinema.  Peter Pan could be argued as a transitional film as it definitely includes telling elements of both the former and later eras but my own opinion is to plant it firmly in with the former based on its content and mood.

It was quite late when we finally got Liesl off to bed.  Nearly one in the morning.

It was a very nice Father’s Day for me.  A lot of time spent with my girls.  At some point I will be getting new golf clubs as my father’s day present as well.  Not sure when we are planning on actually getting those.

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