June 21, 2011: Surprise Storm, Again

Medifast Status: Day 50, Down ~29lbs

The menu at La Cima looked really good today and we are getting into the habit of me checking it first thing in the morning and, if it looks good, forwarding it on to Dominica right away so that she has all morning to decide if she wants to go out for lunch and then get the girls ready and pick me up from work.  She was in the La Cima mood today so she came and picked me up from work and we went out for lunch.

Lunch was very nice and it is great getting to spend a good bit of time with the family in the middle of the day when everyone is awake and vibrant.  It is really better than being home in the evenings because that is when everyone is tired and always there is someone sleeping or watching a show or something.  Our lunch times at La Cima are some of our best family time together.

The weather today was as it has been for days.  Still and incredibly hot.  The weather reports all say nothing about storms.  But tonight, just like last night, a huge thunderstorm pounced on us unexpectedly.  No warning.  Straight from hot and still to seventy-five mile per hour gusts, massive lightning and driving rain.

After work I went to my golf lesson but no one was there.  I guess I missed that the lesson was cancelled for tonight.

We hung out at home this evening watching “Glee” which Dominica recently discovered and really enjoys.  I just jumped in in the second season and just poke my head in now and then to watch so I am not following it too closely.

Another surprise storm snuck up on us tonight.  Out of nowhere on a completely warm and still night another crazy storm crept up on us. Major thunder and lighting and heavy rain.  We lost power several times.  Liesl actually got a little scared from this storm.

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