June 22, 2011: Goodbye Grandpa

Medifast Status: Day 51, Down ~29lbs

After work today I ran over to Fry’s and picked up a Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2 and two 3TB hard drives to use as our new video and audio server in our house.  The ReadyNAS uses far less power and generates almost no noise compared to the server that we used to use and Fry’s had it so inexpensively that we decided that we just needed to have it.  Dominica has been waiting for a lot of our stuff to be available after having it be offline for nearly two years now after all of our moving from place to place and never managing to get things set up properly.  The whole thing was pretty cheap and has a built in DLNA server which should make it super easy to share audi oand video with the rest of the house.

I walked in to the house to the news that my grandfather had just had a heart attack while working in the barn this afternoon and passed away.  My cousin Monica had been trying to reach me on my drive home but I didn’t hear the phone in the car.  She had managed to reach dad and he called Dominica so Dominica told me when I walked in the door.

I managed to reach dad, Monica and Aunt Gayle by phone this evening.  Everyone was still at the hospital and there was no real news.  We did determine that we did not have to leave tonight to go to Ohio.  I got a hold of everyone at the office and prepped them that I might need to travel at a moment’s notice but our plan, until we hear more, are that we will likely leave Texas on Friday night after work and get to Ohio on Saturday evening.  We don’t know what the funeral arrangements are going to be but it seems unlikely that anything could be organized faster than that.

Just in case, Dominica started packing up the Acadia so that we would be as ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

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