June 25, 2011: Ohio

Medifast Status: Day 54, Down ~29.5lbs

We woke up this morning and it was a mad rush to be able to get out of the hotel.  When you have to pack and unpack the car and two kids and Oreo it is quite the massive ordeal.  It takes hours to get back on to the road.

It was nearly noon when we finally got moving again.  Later than we wanted but we needed the time.

Having finished the epic yesterday, today we finished reading “The Disappearing Spoon” which Dominica and I had started listening to months ago.  It is an awesome book.

After we finished our in process book we started reading Bill Bryson’s latest book “At Home” which turned out to be really good.  We really enjoyed listening to it and it worked well for keeping us awake for most of the drive.

The girls did well today on the drive.  Not as well as last night but it was a much, much longer drive.

I drove all the way from Springfield, Missouri to Massilon, Ohio.  At that point I was so tired that Dominica had to take over for the last twenty minutes into Canton.

It was around three in the morning when we finally got in.  Late but we made it.  We will be in Ohio for several days now.

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