June 24, 2011: Leaving for Ohio

Medifast Status: Day 53, Down ~29.5lbs

As expected, today was a long day.  I ended up not being able to make it into the office at all as I needed to stay home to help with the packing and watching the girls as much as possible.  There was just so much to do.

It took all day to get the car packed after the errands were run and the kids were taken care of.  Luciana had a last minute doctor’s appointment, for example.  Pushing to get everything done before we leave is tough.

By the time that work was done and we were able to get the house in order and the car all loaded it was roughly nine thirty.    It was a bit later to get on to the road than we had been hoping but not completely horrible.  It is going to be a long night, definitely.

Our goal for tonight is to get from Texas to Springfield, Missouri.  Not really that far although it sounds really far.  Dallas and Springfield are closer than they seem.  It is less than eight hours.

The girls did really well on the drive tonight.  Both Liesl and Luciana slept the whole way and were little angels in the back seat.  I can’t believe how well they handled the drive.

On the drive Dominica and I wrapped up listening to “The Epic of Gilgamesh” which I had started reading on my last drive down to Texas.  I’ve been pretty remiss on keeping up with my book reading so it was nice to knock one out.  The epic was really, really boring in general although it does offer some really interesting insights into ancient history and how our ancestors viewed the world.  The influence of the epic on later literature is really important and it definitely provides a new way to look at literature – even if the epic itself is a painful read.

We arrived in Springfield pretty late around five in the morning.  We knew that pushing on all night wasn’t going to work so we just got a Quality Inn there and spent the night.  I was decently tired when we arrived there.  I did all of the driving tonight.  The trip through Oklahoma is a long and boring one.

Tomorrow we will be driving on to Canton, Ohio.  I’m expecting that it will be decently late by the time that we wake up and make it out of the hotel.

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