June 27, 2011: Grandpa’s Funeral

Medifast Status: Day 56, Down ~29.5lbs

It was a mad rush for us this morning to attempt to get up and get the girls packed and out to the funeral home by ten in the morning.  Even without needing to pack up the car just getting the girls ready is hard.  It takes twenty minutes or more to get there from Alliance so even though we left before ten we were rushing and a bit late.  We had to be there an hour before the funeral service so that we could get the car into the procession lineup.

The girls did quite well at the funeral.  Keeping two young girls quiet, even for a short funeral, so no small feat.  But both did really well.  The service was very nice.  There isn’t much to say about a funeral service.  It is quiet and sad.  My only grandfather that I ever knew is now gone.  My paternal grandfather died five years before I was born so Grandpa Myers was the only grandfather that I ever knew.  I only have one remaining grandparent now and I am not the eldest male in the Myers’ line.

After the service everyone went down to the Indian Run Church not very far away from East Canton and had a lunch there provided by the church.  This wasn’t even the church that my grandparents attended but apparently a lot of friends and family do currently or have attended there.  We didn’t expect there to be very much for us to eat there, midwest church food is pretty far from what works for vegetarians on Medifast, so we were already planning on just visiting and then going back up to Louisville to go to Grinder’s afterward.

On the drive back from Indian Run we got stuck at a broken train crossing and had to drive all around to find an alternative way back north.  Then it was up to Grinder’s.  This is our new place to eat when in Ohio.

After lunch we returned to grandma’s house and spent the afternoon with the family.  Dad left to drive back to New York this afternoon.  We are pretty sure that we are going to drive up there tomorrow evening.  We wanted to spend more time in Ohio but there is a ton of work to do for the wedding that is coming up in less than two weeks and Dominica really wants to get out to Frankfort so that she can help out with that.

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