June 28, 2011: Visiting in Ohio

Medifast Status: Day 57, Down ~29.5lbs

Today is our day to just visit with the family in Ohio.  I was hoping to stay until Thursday but Dominica felt that we needed to get out to New York tonight so we are spending the day here and leaving late to head up north.  So that meant checking out of the hotel this morning and loading up the Acadia again.  At least we will save money not paying for extra hotel nights.  That adds up quickly.

We got out to East Canton and pretty much just spent the day hanging out with everyone.  Most everyone had the day off so we saw a good amount of my family even though it is a Tuesday.  I had to work all day and there is no Internet access at grandma’s house so we set up my iPhone as a hotspot, which is not at all cheap, and I worked tethered to that via WiFi all day.  That actually worked pretty well.

For dinner the family, including Monica’s boyfriend Ryan that we just met today, all went to Grinder’s in Louisvilla, obviously at our request.  They ran out of the veggie burger patties today – I’m sure that they were not used to the sudden quantity of them needed with two vegetarians eating there every day – and so we had fish instead.

Liesl had a great time playing at grandma’s house.  She loves going for walks in the garden and having so much open space outside in which to play.  She likes all of the flowers and places to explore.  My aunt Cheryl got Liesl some bubbles with which to play and she made everyone go out and play in the back yard until absolutely all of the bubbles were completely gone.

It was around seven thirty when we got Liesl and Luciana loaded up and we were on the road up to New York.  We kept Liesl from napping today so she was asleep in no time having worn herself out playing outside.

Dominica and I continued “reading” Bill Bryson’s “At Home” on the drive to New York.  That is a really interesting book.  It is amazing how much awesome history can come from such a seemingly boring topic.  My favourite part of long distance drives is that it gives me a chance to catch up on my reading.  Now that I have no air conditioning on my daily commute and have to keep my windows open to keep from cooking inside of the Mazda I am unable to listen to my Audible books on a daily basis like I was in the winter.

The drive itself went fine.  We had held out getting fueled up until we left as gas has just been dropping and dropping the last few days.  But, of course, because we waited gas jumped up by twenty four cents between leaving the hotel this morning and leaving grandma’s this afternoon.  Oops.  Well that didn’t work out very well.

It was around one in the morning when we pulled into dad’s house.  Liesl was excited to see papa again even though she had seen him the day before.  This morning when going to grandma’s house Liesl was asking if she would get to see papa and we had promised her that she would see him tonight so we had to make sure that she got some time with him before going to bed.

Dominica and Luciana have the guest bedroom.  Liesl, Oreo and I took the den.  I doubt that we will be up early tomorrow.

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