June 30, 2011: Summer in Frankfort

Medifast Status: Day 59, Down ~38.5lbs

Today is our first full day in Frankfort for our annual summer trip.  Most of the day was spent at the house.  I am working from the laptop all day.

This evening we had to run to the tux shop to get me measured for the wedding.  We are just over one week from the wedding and today was the last possible day to get fitted.

From the tux shop in New Hartford we drove into Utica to meet the family at Nicky Doodles, the new ice cream shop there.  I couldn’t eat anything, though, and sat in the car with Luciana because of all of the mosquitoes gathering around the ice cream.  They had sugar free, fat free ice cream but even that was about two hundred calories which would cost me two of my Medifast meals in calories and that is a pretty big deal so I was not going to do that.

After we got back from ice cream, Emily and I headed out for a walk.  We walked from Frankfort to Ilion which, according to Google maps, is 2.5 miles in one direction making for an even five mile walk.  Definitely some good exercise.

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