June 29, 2011: One Day at Dad’s

Medifast Status: Day 58, Down ~38.5lbs

If you are following my Medifast status you will notice that, for the first time since leaving Texas, I was able to weigh in today.  For our final week in Texas I had barely been losing any weight at all which was causing some minor concern.  Then, while in Ohio, I was stuck eating less than ideal meals and had a lot of snack “breaches” mostly involving almonds and other nuts.  I was finally able to weigh myself at dad’s house this morning and much to my surprise I have dropped nine pounds since Friday!  I am now doing very, very well on my diet.

I am working every day so I had to set up at dad’s computer in the office and was glued there all day.  I was busy enough and needed at the office that I did not manage to even go out for lunch with the family.  They all went out to the Omega Grill in Geneseo without me.  Turns out, I didn’t want to be there today.  Dominica’s food got messed up and then Luciana had a major diaper operational failure that resulted in a truly unbelievable mess.  Dominica did not at all have a good time at lunch.

When they returned from Geneseo they brought me food to eat so at least I got an Omega meal while being home.

Danielle stopped by this afternoon to do some training with dad and to pick up the three workstations that Dominica and I had driven up from Texas.  We were glad to have those out of the car.  We didn’t need anything else taking up space and weighing us down.  I also unloaded the servers that we were transporting so that we can just deal with them in a week when we return.

We stayed at dad’s until seven thirty and then it was time to get on the road out to Frankfort.  We are just running from one place to another this week.

We stopped in Geneseo to grab coffee at Tim Horton’s before leaving the area.

It’s only three hours or less from dad’s house to Dominica’s parents’ house.  So we got in just after ten.

It was a nice night and I had been in the car a lot the last few days so Madeline, Emily and I went out for a short walk around town.  We went down Main Street and up Adams and back down Cemetery Hill.  I checked it on Google Maps and it was 1.8 miles.  Not a long walk but a nice evening stroll.

While we were out walking it started to rain lightly.  We didn’t get too wet but we did hurry along home just in case more rain came.

Neither Madeline or Emily had ever been in a cemetery before, not even this one where their great grandmother is buried.  So this was a first for both of them since we stopped in briefly just so that they could see it.

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