August 1, 2011: The Early Shifts

Medifast Status: Day 91, Down ~42.5lbs

Today begins my week of early shifts.  I got up at five this morning and was out the door, with everyone else still asleep, before six.  I swung into RaceTrac near the office and got my 52oz. refill of diet Mt. Dew to get me through the morning.  Then I noticed that the donut place next door was open and empty so I went in and got a dozen donuts for the team.  I can’t eat any but no one has brought donuts into the office in a while so I figured that it would be nice since many of us are working extra early this week.

The morning was very quiet, as expected.  There is a proposed bipartisan debt bill going to vote today and it is expected to pass but the vote has not happened yet so we are mostly just waiting to hear about that and see what happens.  The US defaults tomorrow if this is not approved so this particular bill is very possibly the last one that there is time to put through the system before it is too late.

For lunch today I was supposed to be meeting one of my MediFast trainers at La Cima.  So I went over to La Cima, not hearing any differently, at noon and waited there until about a quarter until one but he never showed up.  So I ate lunch alone and then went to the Verizon store to see if they could do anything about my iPhone that is no longer working.  The earpiece on my iPhone no longer makes any sound at all but if I put the phone on speakphone it works fine. So it is just the earpiece having an issue.  The Verizon store looked at it but said that I would have to take it to the Apple Store to have warranty service performed on it.

I worked until around four and then went home.  It was nice to get home early.  Liesl was still napping and would be for quite a while yet.  Luciana was awake and ended up hanging out with me for about an hour.

I spent the evening on the phone.  Another one of those evenings.  Six hours on the phone, in fact.  What a long evening.

I also put in several hours working on key deployments (that is, the deployment of keys) for the office.  It needed to be done tonight after hours and it took many hours to complete.  Sensitive stuff that required my direct attention.  A pain but it is done, at least.

So it was after ten when I was finally able to go spend time with Liesl and Luciana.  Way too late.  Dominica managed to do a bit more painting today and has been putting hardware onto the cabinets and getting them put back together.  I did some painting too on the fireplace trim and that, if all goes well, is now done.  Hopefully tomorrow Dominica can take the tape off from around the fireplace and mantle and we will have that part of the room done except for the whole room paint job that is coming up soon.

We called Emily and wished her a happy birthday.  At first Liesl was screaming “stop singing, stop singing!” when we sang the Happy Birthday Song but once we explained that it was Emily’s birthday Liesl got all excited and took the phone and talked to Emily for a while and was excited about the “Big Cousins Party” that she would be having soon.  What a funny kid.

Just this past fortnight Liesl has become really into talking on the real phone for the first time.  She has talked on a play phone for forever and has long understood what a phone was but just recently she has gotten over her shyness of the real phone and now loves to get on to it and talk to her family.  She started with my dad over a week ago and probably spent more than half an hour with him as her captive audience telling him about this and that.  It was so cute.  She took off with the phone and wandered all over the house.

Then several days ago she talked her Dominica’s mom on the phone for a while.  And today she spoke with Emily for a little bit.

Tonight we watched Mary Poppins together as a family.  At first Liesl did not like it but once the singing and music started she really got into it and sang along.  It was adorable.

Liesl started playing a new game tonight.  She told me to sing her the “exercise song” – which of course was just something that she wanted me to make up.  She does that from time to time, often asking me to sing the “chocolate milk” song.  This is what I get for constantly making up songs about things around the house since she was born.  I just always sing about things.  Probably has something to do with my Aspey.

So I started singing the “exercise song” which included “jump up, jump down, run around in circles” and she started doing whatever I said.  So it turned into a kind of “Simon Says” game with singing.  She made me sing over and over again.  This probably went on for twenty minutes and she thought that it was great fun.

It was nearly two in the morning when I finally managed to get off to bed.  I have to be up at five tomorrow.  It is going to be a rough morning.

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