August 2, 2011: The Debt Ceiling Is Raised

Medifast Status: Day 92, Down ~42.5lbs  (Three stones!)

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Boy was I tired when the alarm went off at five this morning.  It took me a minute to figure out what was going on.  But I got up and got right in to the shower.  I was out the door and in to the office just a few minutes after six.  Half an hour earlier than I was scheduled to be at work.  Makes it even easier to get caught up, though.  There is always so much to be done, SGL not withstanding.

It was an incredibly slow morning at the office.  Very quiet.  And it passed like molasses.

I decided today that my York94 website that I made in 2007 as a way for my classmates to reconnect online is no longer needed and as my registration for the domain runs out later this week I am simply going to allow it to expire.  I’ve been running that site for four years now.  So anyone attempting to use email there will get nothing.  But I’m pretty sure that no one has used those email addresses in years.

It is so hot today that they have announced rolling blackouts through Texas during the heat of the afternoons today through Thursday.  Yesterday it was so hot that it was 103F at nine at night!  Now that is hot.  It is 104 as I write this and we are expected to hit 108 later today and 109 tomorrow.  What is amazing is that I was just sitting outside reading a few minutes ago and was thinking how nice it was and that it must be a lot cooler today.  Apparently not.  The level to which I have adjusted to Texas is truly unbelievable.

I went home at lunch today, hung out with the family but did not eat as Dominica wanted to eat our meal at dinner instead, and then returned to the office for a few hours.

The final vote for the raising of the American debt ceiling was passed by the Senate this afternoon and signed by the president shortly thereafter.  So we are out of the woods, for the moment.  This current crisis has been averted and history will very likely completely forget how close we came to disaster today.

On my way home from work I stopped off at MediFast to pick up food supplies.  Now that Dominica is on MediFast too we are going through the food much faster and she eats completely different food that I do.  I mostly just have the shakes and sometimes the bars.  Dominica focuses on the oatmeal and puffs.  So we needed more.

I was pretty tired all day and this evening I was struggling just to stay awake while hanging out with the girls.  The house is hot, we are keeping it at 84F in the evenings now – that allows the air conditioning unit to turn off from time to time.  We cool it down when we go to bed.  Today is the first day that it was so warm that I had to switch to wearing shorts in the house.

Dominica has nearly all of the cabinet and trim painting that she wanted to do completed.  We are looking into hiring painters to do the bulk of the house.  This was more than a week long project just to do what we did and we pretty much want the entire house to be painted.  Having professionals do it will take no time at all and will likely look far better than if we tried to do it ourselves.  And as there is just so much it would cause us to be painting continuously for months.

We did very little this evening.  I did a tiny amount of work.  We watched very little television – maybe two episodes of 8 Simple Rules and mostly just were puttering around the house.

Luciana got her first big cut tonight – she got clipped on her right thumb by the finger nail clippers.  It was pretty bad.  She cried and cried and we couldn’t stop the bleeding for probably fifteen minutes.

I went to bed at ten.  I was just so tired.  I have to be up at five in the morning so while that sounds early, it really is not considering that I will only get seven hours of potential sleep time after having only gotten three last night.

The Grices are coming up sometime this week.  Maybe on Friday but Dominica is pushing to have them come up earlier.  We don’t know yet when they will be driving up to visit.  We are getting Madeline and Emily for almost two weeks too.

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