August 10, 2011: And the Disaster Continues

Medifast Status: Day 100, Down ~43.5lbs

I made sure that I was in the office nice and early this morning.  There is still just an unbelievable amount of cleanup to be doing from yesterday.  Today is going to be long and painful just like yesterday.  I just know it.

Francesca left this morning to go back down to Houston.  Madeline and Emily are staying with us for ten more days.  We are taking them back down to Houston with us when we go down there in nearly two weeks to celebrate Dominica’s birthday.

My entire morning was spent running between my own office and managers’ offices.  It was crazy.  Paperwork, technical work, follow ups, research, documentation all for the outage yesterday. It pretty much consumed my entire day.  This is exhausting.

I was going to go home for lunch and see the family but never got a chance.  I ended up working all through lunch.  Eventually, around two thirty, John, Dan and I went over to La Cima for a little while just to get some coffee and to escape from the office for a little bit before getting back into it again at release time.  It was nice to get a little relaxation time in.  We just sat in the dining room as there was no one else there and relaxed.  The lounge is closed off because the finishing touches are being completed on the new bar area.  The new carpets are in (there were none yesterday when the family was dining there) and the new bar is now on display and, in theory, will be usable by Friday’s happy hour.

While we were at the club we found out the news about the stock market collapse.  Today was the ninth largest New York Stock Exchange points drop in history.  That makes for the seventh, ninth and twelfth worst, by my calculations, all within seven days!  This isn’t good.  The word “depression” is starting to get used in the news.

I got back to the office and worked for a while.  Still a lot to be done cleaning up from yesterday.  I was going to go home, meet the family and return to go to La Cima for dinner with Brian Watson tonight but I had so much to do that we decided that Dominica and the girls would just need to pick me up in order to give me an extra hour or so to work.

We met Watson at the club and we had dinner.  The kids all had pasta as it is pasta night and we all had custom ordered Medifast approved dinners.  This is Watson’s first time having dinner out on his Medifast which he began, I believe, yesterday.

After dinner we just went home and I went pretty much straight to bed.

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