August 9, 2011: Major Outage

Medifast Status: Day 99, Down ~43.5lbs

The house made it down to seventy six degrees overnight.  That means that with both air conditioners running full tilt we are getting as little as eight degrees under the outside air temperature.  I’m guessing that most of this is ambient heat that they just cannot overcome – the carpets, the furniture and everything else in the house just holding on to the heat and keeping the place warm no matter what.  Normally the house is much cooler in the morning giving us a better jump on the day.  We have little opportunity to do that now and the house is just going to keep heating up.  I’m wondering if 10,000 BTUs was just way too small for that additional air conditioner.  It seems like another 50K wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I was in the office at six thirty as is becoming my usual.  We had a very busy day today.  Yesterday the market, as expected, crashed hard – the eleventh worst day by point value lost in Wall Street history.  Pretty bad.  Today, we had a rebound that almost completely covered the losses from yesterday.  Bizarre.  It is a highly volatile market and that makes for long, stressful days at work for me.

Today, however, turned out to be far and away worse than I would have guessed.  Generally volatile markets make for change freezes at work for stability purposes and that, in turn, lowers our workload since most of what we do is put on hold until things calm down.  This morning we ended up losing a server during busy trading hours.  That was awful.  It is always bad to lose a server but on a day like today is exceptionally bad.  So that ate up pretty much my entire morning.

Dominica, Francesca and the kids were planning to meet me for lunch at La Cima today.  The lunch menu sounded really good so we wanted to take advantage of it.  They were going to pick me up at the office.

By the time that they got to the office to get me another server had failed and my day was shot.  The whole day just went from bad to disaster.  I sent the family on to La Cima without me in the hopes that I would be able to join them later.  I was not.  They managed to get a small, private room for lunch which really worked out well with all of the kids.  They loved the food too, adults and kids alike.  It was a really good decision, it appears, to eat there today.

At two thirty Dominica dropped off food for me at the office.  I had to sprint to the car, grab it and sprint back.  I was on the phone for over six hours today!  It was awful.  It took me hours to eat that food – but boy was it delicious.

I worked in the office until around seven then went home.  What a long day.  Once home I had to work all evening too till nearly eleven when I went to bed.  I got see no one really today.  It was crappy.  And we are just picking up again tomorrow and we will continue on with this.  It is going to be a long week.


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