August 12, 2011: End of a Long Week

Medifast Status: Day 102, Down ~47lbs

Counting my Medifast days in the hundreds is weird to see.  I’ve been on Medifast for what is coming up on a third of a year.  It mostly feels like I just started it recently but I have been doing it for quite some time now.  Today was a big drop for me.

The week is starting to wind down.  Work was not nearly as crazy today as it has been most of this week.

At my lunch break, I went to MediFast for my weekly appointment.  I did my daily weigh in there and found that I am down 3.5lbs from my appointment last week and my total loss is now 47lbs!  That is awesome.  I got my blood pressure checked today and am doing awesome at 114/86.  It has been a long time since I had blood pressure that good.  Dominica has lost ten pounds already as well and is not even up to two weeks yet on Medifast herself.

I ran over to La Cima after my Medifast meeting to discuss joint marketing ideas between Medifast and La Cima.  La Cima is really perfect for Medifast members because of the “custom” food options making it so easy to get good food.  So I am trying to put together some initiatives there.

The afternoon was decently slow too and my deployments were all done around six so I was able to get home at a halfway decent time.

I was productive this evening working from the office nearly all evening.  I am looking forward to the weekend being heavily caught up on tasks that I needed to perform and might get to actually do some real projects rather than just playing catchup all of the time.

I forgot to mention that on Wednesday night we managed to meet the new neighbours who have moved in to the house next door – the one that we had been attempting to buy and still have not heard from our agent that it had sold.  Turns out that someone bought it and rented it out as we had planned to do.  The new neighbours are really nice and we hope that they stay for a long time.  Having a rental next door is tough because you never know when the people you know will move out and who might move in.  But we are hopeful.  At least there is an investor who will likely be taking care of the house.

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