August 13, 2011: Web Design Day

Medifast Status: Day 103, Down ~47lbs

I slept in this morning.  It was great.  I stayed up until eleven last night which, strangely, has become “late” for me.  This morning I slept in until seven.

To our great delete I went outside to walk Oreo and discovered that it had been raining.  Really raining.  All around the house is standing water.  This is a big deal as we have been in quite the drought.  We are so relieved to have some water.  It appears that several inches have fallen.  It will be another hot and dry week but this will give the plants some time to recover at least and refill some of the aquifers.  Many lakes and reservoirs in the area were drying up.

I decided, while working on another project, to update the look and feel of SGL today.  This is the new “Adventure” theme.  I’m not normally into this type of theme but this one was just so well done that I decided to give it a try.  I’ll need some feedback as this one is rather a significant departure.

I spent nearly the entire day doing website design work.  Not something that I do very often.  But I have some projects that need my attention so I am currently working on that.

We all spent the day just sitting around the house.  Not much going on.  Madeline and Emily are pretty bored, I think, with our lifestyle.  We don’t do very much exciting for tweens.

We watched a little Wipeout, Dominica’s new favourite show, before going to bed.  That show is pretty funny.  And family friendly.

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