August 16, 2011: La Cima Reopens

Medifast Status: Day 106, Down ~47lbs

Today is the grand reopening of La Cima after their million dollar renovation project to revamp the lounge and private event rooms.  The main dining room and the Lakeside events room were untouched.  The new furniture arrived this morning.

As I was yesterday, I was in to the office at six thirty this morning.  I am trying to keep myself on this early morning schedule now that I am used to it.

I have discovered that something is up with my WordPress installation or the theme that I am using or something.  I noticed first that posts were auto-posting without my intervention.  Now I can see that someone is posting them on my behalf with extra, hidden, links in them for spam.  I’m not sure where this is coming from but I am looking into it.

For lunch today, Nicki and I went to La Cima to check it out.  We had an exterminator at the house (just doing an inspection) so Dominica and the girls were unable to join us.  So Nicki and I hung out in the newly renovated lounge which had just received its new furniture this morning.  Everything is not quite done, but it is very close.  Only the last, long “bar” table is needed and the waterfall and the new reception desk.

Nicki’s impression is that the new layout and all of the televisions make it feel like an airport waiting lounge, with which I think that I agree.  There are six big screens in there now and it feels very little like the upscale club that it used to.  I really like the new furniture and the new, large space for the lounge, but the televisions everywhere are really tacky.

I found out this evening that I am getting furloughed again this year.  This time for three weeks.  That means that I am getting a planned-duration lay off that will last for three weeks.  I don’t have the timing details yet but it will be done before the year’s end.  So we are going to be nearly a month without income at some point in the next several months and that will certainly be really rough.  It is not the end of the world, we are all doing it to save someone from losing their job entirely.  But it still hurts.

I went home and worked with Danielle for an hour or two tonight and then worked in the office until it was bedtime.  This is turning into one busy week.

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