August 17, 2011: Late Night at La Cima

Medifast Status: Day 107, Down ~47lbs

It is hump day.  This week is feeling pretty rough.  Just super busy and the furlough weighs heavy on our minds.  Dominica is apt to worry about money under the best of conditions.  Getting the furlough makes it that much more stressful.  I had to make decisions today about how we are going to handle it and we start our first bit of it right away in September.  We are taking our medicine early, I guess.  Getting it out of the way.

This morning John, John and I went in to La Cima for coffee.  We hung out in the new lounge.  Both of them made a point of pointing out that they liked the seating but did not like the wall of televisions.  It is very distracting and tacky.

I came home for lunch today but did not eat.  Just did some work and headed back in to the office.  We are going out to dinner at La Cima tonight since it is pasta night and the perfect time to take the kids since it is so cheap.

It was a long day today.  I went home on the early side getting there before four thirty.  I was able to work for two hours at the house because we drove down to Las Colinas for dinner.

Tonight was Dominica’s first chance to see the new furniture.  We ate dinner in the lounge which works out well for Liesl.  With the extra space and seating arrangements it is far easier to deal with kids out there and the kids do enjoy having the televisions a little – although they always show sports and news so the material is boring.  It is a lot easier for Liesl to get down from the table and not be in peoples’ ways now.  We will likely use the lounge far more now but I will constantly be fighting to not have the televisions in my line of sight.

Dinner was good and we were pretty much the only people in the lounge all night.  I’m sure that people will be even less likely to use it now than before – and pretty much no one used it before.  After dinner we got coffee and hot chocolates and put on some ABC Family on the big screen and watched some television there since we were already there.  We decided, though, that even if what you want to do is to watch television it is not very comfortable for that.  Maybe it will be good for presentations.

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