August 21, 2011: Returning to Dallas and Normal Life

Medifast Status: Day 111, Down ~48.5lbs

Both Oreo and Liesl slept in with me this morning.  It is impossible to get out of bed when you have both a Boston Terrier and a toddler trying to snuggle.  It just isn’t going to happen.

Joe was over this morning and he went and picked up donuts and kolaches for breakfast.  Liesl hasn’t had donut holes in quite a while because we don’t buy donuts now that we are on our diets.  So she was very happy to get those.

We relaxed again today.  I got to watch a few more hours of Dragon Age: Origins and pretty much just vegged out on the couch.  Joe was going to try to hang out at the Grices’ today but he got called in to work and had to go in for the day.  So Dominica did not get to see him at all, really.

We were going to try to head back home around three this afternoon but Liesl was asleep until six so we waited for her to wake up because she is so grumpy if she is woken up rather than waking up on her own.  I wanted to get home and work but it was better to let her sleep.  I got a lot of time with Luciana today, though.

It was nearly six thirty when we managed to leave to go back to Dallas.  The drive was uneventful.  We spent a good portion of the drive listening to the BBC World Service over XM Satellite to follow the siege of Tripoli that has been going on today.  This is major news and the whole thing came as a huge surprise.  Yesterday we were under the impression that the rebels were doing well and hoping to wait out the Colonel Gadhafi regime but suddenly today there was an uprising in the capital and rebel forces rushed to support them and in hours had effectively taken the city.  What had seemed like a war that was going to stretch on for months or years suddenly looks like it might be over in hours.  But we don’t know for sure.  There is fear that this is just a trap.

We listened to several back episodes of The News from Lake Wobegon that I keep on my iPhone.  That passed the time on the drive pretty quickly.  Liesl was awake for the entire drive and just did puzzles on the iPad.  She is amazing.  She can do so many puzzles so easily.  We really can’t believe it.

We got home to our 90+ degree house at eleven thirty.  The air conditioning is going to be lucky to have the house down to 88 before we go to bed.  The plants have visibly grown since we left, though.  I can’t believe what a difference two days in the “hot house” conditions do for them.  They love it.  Now that we keep the house so much warmer in general they are all really thriving.

Liesl wanted to snuggle so we let her sleep in our bed tonight.  She has to adjust to everyone being gone now.  She is so adorable when we say that she has to go to bed in her own room and she says “But I want to snuggle you!”

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