August 20, 2011: Celebrating Joe and Dominica’s Birthdays

Medifast Status: Day 110, Down ~48.5lbs

Oreo was very snugly this morning and we slept in late.  This is our weekend off.  I don’t have too horrible of a backlog of work to do so I am planning on relaxing this weekend as much as possible.  It is not exactly the easiest to work while down in Houston so if I can avoid it entirely I am going to make an attempt.

We spent much of the weekend watching Francesca play Dragon Age: Origins which she is replaying at her house and has just gotten back to where she was while playing at our house.  Only now she is playing a different character because she didn’t remember which one she had played while at our house so accidentally picked a different one and got a very different storyline.  It is far more interesting to watch Dragon Age than it is to watch most television shows and much easier to talk to other people while the game is being played.

I was only online via my iPhone today.  That was nice.  I’m excited that Amtrak has a new iPhone App out now as does Aer Lingus.  Those are two that I have been looking for for a while now.

This evening we went over to Joe’s house to celebrate his birthday.  Dominica and Francesca spent a few hours making pizzas while I chaperoned the kids in the swimming pool.  It was pretty hot.  I managed to read a little on my Kindle but not very much.

Liesl was in the pool for hours.  She mostly just hung out on the top step but she did get down on her elbows and put her feet out into the water and kick quite a bit.  She is getting closer to wanting to actually swim.  She is still pretty young, though, and gets very limited pool exposure.

At one point Madeline and Emily tried taking Liesl out into the deeper water to see if she would like that and she did for a few seconds but she started to panic pretty quickly and would not leave the top step again after that.  Earlier on she had had some fun floating around in a blowup octopus too but she would drift away from everyone and get stuck not being able to see anyone or get anyone’s attention and she didn’t enjoy that after not too long.

Our pizza for dinner was really good.  Dominica is making diet pizza our of a ground and baked cauliflower crust.  It helps to fill the need for pizza.

Joe and Britt got home pretty late, around eight thirty.  We only got to see them for a very little bit.  We ate the pizza then had some cake.  Dominica, Francesca and I had MediFast cake while Joe got a less than new, rejected carrot cake.  Then it was back to the Grices since Joe and Britt have a long day of work followed by driving to New York tomorrow.

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