August 23, 2011: Europe is Official

Medifast Status: Day 113, Down ~48.5lbs

Was rather tired this morning but didn’t do to badly getting up and in to the office.  I’m sure that Dominica will be spending her day making plans for Europe.  She loves vacation planning.

It is still hot in Texas.  We had a few days there where we dipped below one hundred degrees and even had that one day with a little rain but other than those few exceptions we have been living over one hundred for what seems like it must be a month and a half now or more.  Our air conditioning at the house is still unable to keep up and we are lucky when we are able to keep the house at or below eighty two degrees during the day and seventy eight at night – even with there being two fewer people in the house this week and the second air conditioner running to assist the main one.  Boy are we ever glad that we decided to go ahead and get that second air conditioning unit.  It keeps the playroom around eighty most of the day making it bearable for Dominica, Liesl and Luciana to be in there most of the day.  Since that is the only room used during the day to any great degree it works out pretty well.

I checked the weather forecast and we are expected to remain above 100 degrees into September.  That means that we will basically have been like this for a month and a half without any real break.

Today started off really slowly.  By eight this morning I was completely caught up with my email which, considering the volume of SpiceWorks emails that I receive daily, is pretty much a miracle.  At this point I have posted roughly 33,000 posts to the SpiceWorks community!  Hard to believe that it could be so much.  My rough estimate is that I write 10,000 – 20,000 words a day.  But based on how little it takes for me to hit 1,000 words on SGL I could easily be off significantly and there are likely days when I am closing in on 50,000 words published to one degree or another.  That means that I might possibly write the equivalent of the King James Bible every one to two months!

I went home for lunch and we watched some more of Rick Steve’s Europe on Hulu to help us make decisions about our upcoming trip.  Dominica baked me the shiritaki noodle bake that is my favourite meal on the Medifast plan that we have found thus far.  I ate and then back in to the office.

This afternoon was busier but not too bad.  I got official approval for the trip to Europe.  So now it is real, we are actually going!  We are pretty excited as well as being overwhelmed with all of the possible options.  There are just so many places that we want to go.  Making the best use of our time, seeing the stuff that we want to see and not killing ourselves trying to cart the kids around everywhere is going to be tough.

This evening we mostly relaxed and did more travel planning.  We are coming up with all kinds of ideas now.  Dominica even tried to convince me to go to Disneyland Paris.  She must be off of her rocker.

Made it off to bed at a semi-decent time tonight.  Liesl slept in her own room again and did not through a fit about it tonight.  We are getting her into a better routine again.  Slowly.

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