August 24, 2011: More Euro Planning

Medifast Status: Day 114, Down ~48.5lbs

Eight Scenes That Prove That Hollywood Doesn’t Get Technology (or… Eight Scenes That Prove That Screenwriters Don’t Have the Education of a Second Grader.)

Not a lot to report for today.  I got into work early.  The heat wave is continuing.  We had a heat index advisory today warning us to beware of the extreme heat.  Andy got the same thing in Austin.  We were both wondering why we get it now when it is 104 with a heat index of 106 when we did not get it when we were 111 with a heat index of 112?  Makes no sense to me.  We also go issued the “turn off your appliances and air conditioning in the middle of the afternoon” alerts as Texas doesn’t have enough power to deal with the cooling needs in this extreme heat.

I went home for lunch but we didn’t eat, we just watched some travel shows.  Mostly Rick Steve’s Europe.  We continue to be overwhelmed with what all we could attempt to do while across the pond in the spring.  We really just have too many options from which to pick that it is making it impossible to choose.  We really want to do everything but balancing cost, time, travel, kids and everything else is tough.

We have ruled out going to the Baltics or the Scandinavian countries.  They are just too far away from the other places that we will be.  We have effectively rules out The Netherlands for mostly the same reasons and because I have been there although I really want Dominica to get to see it as I think that she might really like it.

We are now leaning towards Dominica and the girls coming to Poland with me so that they can get to see both Krakow and Warsaw.  Krakow fits into the itinerary now because flying there and then taking a train to Warsaw costs the same as flying to Warsaw directly and Krakow is the cooler city to see.

We are definitely planning on spending some time in Vienna (Wien) and from there likely going to see Budapest and Bratislava too as they are just too close and easy to pass up while we are already so far out to the east.  It is not likely that we will be that far east again for a very long time so it will be nice to hit some of the highlights of eastern Europe too.  Technically Warsaw would be the farthest eastern point of our entire trip.  It sits in longitudinal line with western Greece but, obviously, far, far to the north.

We are thinking that we are going to give up the bulk of our time in Ireland in exchange for spending time in Northern Italy – primarily on the western coast.  We want to get to see the Mediterranean and that will be our only real chance.  Likely we would not venture south of Livorno but Rome is not out of the question.  It would be neat to see Rome, to be sure.

Most of our time will certainly be spent in Switzerland.  That is the one really solid bit of our planning.  From Switzerland we have an incredible ability to see southern bits of Germany, eastern bits of France and potentially the Milan and Lake Como areas of Italy.  It is all so close.

After I got home I spent the evening working on some Linux security issues.  That probably ate three hours.  And I had one hour long call.  I spent some time with the girls and watched a little bit of Rick Steve’s Europe but very little.

For dinner tonight, Dominica made a vegetarian Buffalo style chicken over salad thing that was very good.  We are adding that to our Medifast food rotation.

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