August 26, 2011: Irene Nearly Here

Medifast Status: Day 116, Down ~49.5lbs

Finally down another pound.  Little victories.

A few days ago while standing in the kitchen Dominica and I heard something very loud that sounded like it was in the kitchen with us but we were unable to identify what had caused the noise.  I felt that the sound was the tiled floor breaking but I was unable to find a break in the floor.  Well today I found it.  Several of our tiles in front of the fridge have cracked.  Same thing that we found in our bathroom.  The house is just shifting so much that the tiles cannot take it.  This drought is destroying the house.  We just don’t know what to do at this point.  At some point we want to replace much of the tile in the house with hardwood which will look better and hold up to the shifting better.  We also want to extend the “kitchen” flooring to go behind the bar as well since having carpeting in the working bar area is just silly.  Why anyone would have decided to put carpet there eludes me.  It is a working kitchen space, not a living area.  So we hope to rectify that.

Work was pretty busy today because we are preparing for the pending hurricane, Irene, which is expected to blast through the northeast this weekend.  Right now Peekskill lies directly in the projected path of the storm which is not good since we have so many concerns around the state of our house up there.  So this could be potentially pretty bad.

I had my Medifast appointment after work today.  Just one pound lost this week.  Not very encouraging but at least there is still forward momentum, slow as it is.  Every pound counts.  And with me being so close we are pretty much assured that I will lose the last one half pound and pass the fifty pounds lost mark this week.  That will be really nice to be able to say.

Likely this weekend will be busy with work as we attempt to prepare and support the northeast with the hurricane hitting.

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