August 25, 2011: Surprise, it’s Thursday

Medifast Status: Day 115, Down ~48.5lbs

Somehow I lost a day this week.  Today is Thursday.  I thought for sure that today was Wednesday.  I have absolutely no idea where the week has gone.

I seem to have stalled on my diet.  I’m trying hard to stick with it but I just do not appear to be having any progress.  I’ve been hovering at the same weight for more than a week.  Tomorrow will be my appointment with my trainer and if I am not careful I will have lost nothing or maybe even gained!  That isn’t good.  I’m not sure what could be wrong.  I am tracking it very carefully.

I came home for lunch again.  Dominica made salads.  We are splitting up our meals today.  Half at lunch, half at dinner.

Tonight Dominica decided that maybe she wants to do something dramatically different while in Europe and actually go to see the Dalmatian coast in Croatia.  It is supposed to be just fantastic and we will be there during the off season when it is cheap.  So, if we go that route, we will get to see some amazing artifacts of the Roman Empire and a bunch of the Adriatic which would be really nice.

From Croatia we are thinking that we would take the ferry across the Adriatic to southern Italy and get to see Naples, Rome, Livorno, the Mediterranean Coast and up to Genoa.  From there we would go on to Switzerland and be back on to our original plan.  There is a lot to think about.  This is going to be one major trip.

I got home and had my two hour call that I have every Thursday.  It doesn’t seem to long anymore.  I guess that I am used to it now.  I had two more calls after that one.  Then finally I had some time to spend with the girls.

I got to bed at a decent hour.  Only one day to go then the weekend.  Should be a relaxing weekend this time.  We have nothing in particular planned.

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  1. That Kevin Kline movie that I watched recently, “Queen to Play” was filmed in Croatia. It had some really beautiful scenes from the island. It was so beautiful I had to Google it. Gorgeous!

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