August 30, 2011: Luciana Moves to Solid Food

Medifast Status: Day 120, Down ~51.5lbs

I am a little behind on the news but just found out that GameStop, the bigger US video game retailer, has been opening products that they sell as “new” and taking stuff out of the packaging – and doing so officially.  Talk about completely illegal and unethical.  And they were doing it to customers who were pre-ordering new games!  Not just stuff off of the shelf that people could inspect before purchasing.  This is like allowing someone to custom order a new car then letting the employees of the car dealer drive it on their vacation for a week before letting the customer take delivery of it – even though they already bought and paid for it as new!  In the past I have always supported GameStop because I like to support my local video game store even though they tend to cost more than Amazon and are less convenient to use.  But no more.  I immediately threw out my GameStop card and will never shop there again.  I don’t need to deal with people like that.

Work was very slow this morning.  At nine John and I drove over to La Cima to escape for a while and to enjoy some good coffee.  We just missed breakfast which we need to try to hit sometime.  I always forget about getting free breakfast over there and since I am paying for it already we should really take advantage of it.  A guest is included in the breakfast deal so John can get breakfast there for free.  I can’t eat breakfast in any meaningful way on the MediFast plan so I’m pretty much out of luck.  But at least the coffee is good.

Today was my first time getting to see the club since the new reception desk and waterfall were installed.  They look way better than they did before.  I also noticed that two of the most annoying televisions have been removed as well.  So now there are a total of four televisions in the lounge area rather than six.  Far from good but much better than it was before.

Dominica and the girls came down and picked me up for lunch so I was at the club twice today.  It was a tomato and olive sauce on tilapia which was quite good.  Liesl loved the new waterfall and spent a bit of time just standing in front of it watching it up close.  Dominica thought that the removal of two of the televisions helped the look of the place a bit too.

It was a slow afternoon after getting back from lunch.  This week is particularly slow, people think, because of the weather in New York affecting the traders.

I got home and managed to actually have a pretty good evening with the family.  I got a lot of time in with the girls.  Liesl was in a particularly good mood tonight and never got into any trouble, which is amazing as her attitude lately has not been the best.  She was a little angel tonight.

Luciana also had a good day.  We’ve been trying to add rice cereal to her bottles but she gets really frustrated that she cannot then get the formula out of the bottle.  So Dominica tried actually spoon feeding her and she actually loved it.  She opens her mouth and loves eating food.  Totally unlike Liesl who hated to eat and ended up going directly from bottle to solid food and even now gets around half of her total nutrition via Pedisure because she prefers to drink her food than to eat it.  I suppose that she gets that from me.  That is why the Medifast works out for me – I prefer convenience to pretty much everything else.

So this is really awesome.  Luciana has been so fussy for days.  We think that this will fix it.  And she will likely get back to sleeping again.  She has barely slept for a week.

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