August 31, 2011: Liesl’s Song and Dance

Medifast Status: Day 121, Down ~51.5lbs

Today was Dominica’s second time out running in her C25K program.  Today went better with no dogs chasing her and she did not accidentally double the distance that she was supposed to have gone.  I need to get out and do some exercise to keep my diet on track.  I’m waiting for the heat wave to break before I try to get out walking.  We are supposed to cool down on Monday.  I’m hopeful.  Getting out of the 100s will be awesome.  I won’t have to spend my days monitoring the status of the air conditioning system and we can uncover the windows and get light into the house again too.

I liked the look of the lunch menu at La Cima today so Dominica and the girls picked me up from work and we headed over there.  Yesterday it was tilapia and eggplant.  Today we had salmon and zucchini con queso which was really good.  We found out today that our membership options are about to change at the club and very much in our favour.  The new options will cost less and give us more dining!  Hard to beat that.  I don’t know how the golf benefits change; I need to find out about that yet.  But costing less per month is awesome and moving from two free meals to half priced dining is great.  Some of the other clubs in the area already had that and we were jealous.  So we are very happy to hear that we might be able to switch over as early as next month… which starts tomorrow.

I really like doing the club for lunch.  Because I don’t have to drive home and back I get quite a bit more time with the girls when we go to the club.  It is a bit of work for Dominica so I don’t want to do it all of the time but Liesl and Luciana like getting to see me and Liesl just loves being at the club.  It is so fun driving there with her.  She sees it from quite far away and points and says “I see it, I see it!”

Lunch was nice and we got time to relax for a while.  This evening we managed to get quite a bit of family time in together.  It was a good evening.

Liesl has a new Dora toilet seat cover for her bathroom as she is starting to move from the training potty to the real deal.  She is doing really well.

Liesl spent a good twenty minutes hanging out with me tonight.  She made me sit at the far end of the house while she performed song and dance numbers for me.  She would make up a song and do a cross between ballet and interpretive dance and when she was done she would take a deep bow and expect some applause.  All very funny.  She did this over and over.  She would the “Daddy Song” and sing about her daddy or the “Luciana Song” and she about her sister.  She sang a song about everyone and some of her toys as well.  Even Oreo got a turn.

This week, like last, is just flying by.  I cannot believe that it is already Wednesday.  Maybe it is going into the office earlier than makes me feel like time is moving past more quickly.

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