August 6, 2011: Day One of the Grice Party

Medifast Status: Day 96, Down ~43.5lbs

And the heat wave continues.  No end in sight.  I have checked the ten day forecast and one hundred and two degrees is the cooler day that we are expected to see for the next week and a half.  Week and a half!  And there are plenty of one hundred and seven and one hundred and eight days in there two.  I doubt that our air conditioning nor our foundation can take this.  It is really getting bad.

I managed to sleep in some this morning.  That was nice.  My first long night of sleep this week.  I needed to catch up a little.

I got up and worked for a while and then I got to work cleaning around the house.  Dominica’s Aunt Rose and cousin Katie are coming to visit around eleven so we wanted to get the house into order as much as possible.  It is actually looking pretty good after we did a panic clean up.

I had to work most of the time that they were here visiting.  Aunt Rose has completed her first phase of MediFast and is into the transition phase now.  I am not even halfway to that point yet.  I feel like I am going to be doing this forever.  I have fifty pounds left to go to my final goal.  That is a very, very long way to go considering that I have gone for more than three months and have only lost forty three pounds.  That is depressing.  I really miss food.

This afternoon we introduced Francesca to Dragon Age: Origins on the PS3.  We already got her hooked on the Fable series.  She had never played an RPG or even really an adventure game before trying the Fable games so this is an entirely new world of video games that she is now exploring. She is liking Dragon Age.  It tells such a good story that it is pretty hard not to get into it if you like your video games to act like literature.

This evening we went to family dinner at Rockfish in Irving.  That did not go well.  Dinner last night was nothing compared to the mess today.  The kids were not well behaved and people were clearly very unhappy with us at the restaurant.  There was so much noise coming from our table, it was really bad.  We all decided that we would not be going out to dinner with this many people again.  It just turns into a disaster and it makes going out very stressful rather than enjoyable or relaxing.

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